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2015 Annual Report - Time Talent and Treasure

At Trinity we continued to emphasize that stewardship is a year around ministry for each of us—it is time, talent, and treasure all year around. This year’s stewardship pledge drive was themed Strengthening our Spiritual Legacy and was led by Stephen Gorman. Stephen’s invitation to all included the following words:  “As we celebrate the 140-year anniversary of Trinity, equally important is to reflect upon the parishioners that came before us, who dedicated their own gifts of talent and treasure ensuring that Trinity endured to the present day. Over the last 140 years, Trinity parishioners have come together at critical times making sacrifices—big and small—to preserve our beloved place of worship not only for themselves, but also for generations thereafter. 50 years ago, parishioners came together in the ‘On the Move’ campaign to support Trinity’s move from its original location on Maple Avenue to where it sits today. Most recently, we came together as a community supporting the ‘Nurture Trinity’ campaign, to address many critical needs related to the physical plant.”

We rejoiced in all that has been done in the 140 years of Trinity’s existence in Collinsville. We rejoiced in the huge accomplishments of the “Nurture Trinity” campaign giving and the physical plant results. It has been wonderful to see what we can accomplish together in this place today. Stephen challenged us to increase the number of giving units to 110 this year to build and strengthen our spiritual legacy. Our in-gathering Sunday was December 13th, and we are still receiving pledges. We are still working on that goal and have received 76 pledges to date. We thank all who have given of your time, talent, and treasure. Please know that as we enter the new year of 2016, there is still time to help us reach the Strengthening our Spiritual Legacy goal of 110 giving units. We can do it because we do it together.

Special thanks to Stephen for his leadership and to each of you for your generosity.

Respectfully submitted,
The Rev. Linda Spiers, Rector

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