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2014 Annual Report - Time Talent and Treasure

We think of Stewardship most often with a focus on financial matters – pledge commitments and monetary gifts given to God in Thanksgiving.  Our Trinity parish devotes itself to Stewardship in many ways, caring for our community, our Church building and grounds, and each other.  Many contributions of time and talent were made in 2014, and we are blessed.

In 2014, our financial Stewardship campaign was conducted in conjunction with the Capital Campaign, on a bit of a different schedule than had been done in prior years.  We received 83 pledge commitments in 2014, with a total amount pledged of $225,564.  At year-end, approximately 16% of that amount remained unpaid.

While we are grateful to each and every one who has pledged and contributed in so many ways, our Stewardship contributions are well below the needs incorporated in our very conservative budget, as detailed in the Treasurer’s report.  It will be critically important for us to increase our revenues in 2015, and ask for your prayers and support.

Respectfully submitted,
Maryellen Prudhomme and A.J. Zukowski
2014 Stewardship Chairs

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